How to turn a dirty past into a bright future?

Shining Forks, an Upcycling Project

Washer drums and dung forks are built for dirty work. But if you look closely, you can discover hidden talents in them.

I’ve always loved to look at an object until it tells me a new story, to repurpose things that have lost their original meaning, to turn old function into new fascination.

The "Shining Forks" are my thank-you to the generous people who donate €5,000 to the charity, which fights for children’s rights.

One of these light objects could decorate your home! Please follow these instructions if you're interested in one. If you fall in love with a light object that is already reserved, I offer to rebuild a very similar.

Book cover: Shining Forks

Get the whole story!

Jean-Remy tells what drove him to build light objects out of washing machine drums and pitchforks. This book shows and describes eleven in detail.  And it reveals why the twelfth has disappeared.

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